The Wonderful Story of Zeke The Wonderdog


Zeke the Wonder Dog is a unique feature to our football games here at MSU. From Frisbee Dog Halftime entertainment and between plays, with the Spartan Marching Band and Sparty.
However, while the band and Sparty can trace their beginnings back to our earlier years as a university, Zeke is a fairly new tradition with a significant gap in his history.


As for the original Zeke owner, Gary Eisenberg? He has become good friends with the Foleys and helped to train both dogs. In an interview with the Alumni Association, he stated that, though busy, he still tries to make it to a few games a year. “I come to all the Homecoming games," he said to them. “It’s amazing. I’ll keep coming until I’m a creaky old guy, like the guy that comes out in the raccoon coat. It’s just a great tradition."

And that mystery (the raccoon coat guy) is one that has always left me perplexed.